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Got questions? We've got answers! Read on for our FAQ's

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How does this work?

Can I request a specific performer?

Can I request specific songs?

I love the idea of musicians. Do they play with the singers? Do the singers sing together in harmony?

Each artist performs solo, which gives you a fantastic chance to hear their specialty. Our musicians have a ton of classical training, and will astonish you beyond the footlights of Broadway. We wish we could play/sing together, but the technology of real time syncing of sound is not up to par yet! Which makes it a wonderful time to hear them solo and indulge in their music. 

Do you send a Zoom link, or can you join ours?

Do  you perform for educational/school events? Corporate work parties? Birthdays? 


If your link isn't working, please contact us immediately at

What if my video connection cuts out? 

In this technological age, blips and freezes happen. We do our best to move through them, and address any major technical issues as they arise. If connection is lost (on either end), the Zoom meeting will be restarted, and we will pick up where we left off. If the client is hosting the Zoom, we will allow you to restart the meeting on your end, we will join you, and keep the show going!

Can't see the singer? Make sure your Zoom screen is set to see the "active speaker", and you should be able to automatically see the performer in the "speaker view" screen. To toggle back and forth between the speaker view/gallery view, look in the upper RIGHT corner of the screen. It works best to see us when you have SPEAKER VIEW selected. We recommend using a computer vs a mobile device, but you will be able to see us either way!

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